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13 Must-Read Articles for Medical Device Sales Professionals

The landscape of medical device sales is changing faster than ever. The rise of MDR costs and an increasingly digital customer base are reshaping the terrain for sales professionals. How do you navigate these shifts without compromising on your sales team’s SG&A expenses?

Moving to a digital-first sales approach is challenging but necessary. The stakes are high, impacting sales agents, industry practices, and even the roles of company leaders. It’s time to acknowledge these changes and find effective ways to respond.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Digital Transformation?

We’ve carefully selected 13 articles to guide you through these changes, encompassing everything from understanding your customers’ new expectations to managing your finances wisely and updating your sales strategies for the digital age.

To further support your journey, we are also including a Digital Sales & Marketing Maturity Assessment. This tool is designed to help you understand your organisation’s digital sales and marketing capacities, providing a clear path to enhancing your strategies in these areas.