The Impact of Real-time Content in Modern Marketing Strategies for Medical Device and Medtech Companies

AAOS 2024 is just around the corner, and here’s why you should be ready to invest in real-time content during the meeting.

For medical device and MedTech companies, embracing real-time content sharing during congresses and events such as AAOS is key to standing out. It’s a unique chance to boost engagement, grow your online following, and gain traction in your channels.

Medical device and MedTech companies need to own the moment and harness real-time content marketing to make the most of the events and stand out.

Find out how to harness its power.

Real-time is the next level of a solid content marketing strategy. It’s just a logical step when you consider our fast-moving, mobile-centric world, and the instantaneous nature of news and communication.

And it’s not just consumer brands; multiple B2B companies like IBM and HubSpot are seizing the unique opportunity to engage their audiences with in-the-moment content to save their digital marketing strategies from stagnation and boredom.

But what’s the evidence behind real-time content marketing strategy?

The most compelling reason to integrate real-time content into your strategy is that audience engagement just skyrockets. A study conducted by Smart Insights demonstrated that:

  • 76% reported that real-time marketing increased audience engagement.

  • 56% said it increased positive brand sentiment.

  • 35% saw increased reach and followers.

  • 25% believe it improves conversion and ROI.

For medtech and medical device companies, embracing real-time content isn’t just a savvy move; it’s a strategic necessity. In an industry driven by innovation and rapid advancements, seizing the moment in digital conversations, especially during busy moments with events and congresses, is crucial for asserting market leadership.

By actively participating and delivering timely content, companies not only showcase their expertise but also establish themselves as agile, responsive, and ready for the game. It’s not just about staying relevant; it’s about setting the pace, asserting leadership, driving engagement, and ultimately, making a tangible impact in your communication efforts.


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