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PPC & Paid Advertisement

Many healthcare and medical device companies struggle to achieve optimal online visibility but are unsure how to harness the potential of paid ads, often believing it’s an expensive gamble.

Introducing our game-changing service: Learn the ropes of Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Meta Ads from marketing experts with deep understanding of the medical device landscape. Empower your medical device business to thrive with cost-effective and targeted advertising strategies.

Place your ads with peace of mind.

The healthcare sector, along with Finance, deals with the most rigorous regulations on digital advertising. It is crucial to have a niche PPC specialist to provide guidance, as the potential for ad policy violations, approval complications, and inadvertent insensitivity in ad tone is pretty eminent.


Real Expertise

With over 20 years of experience running paid ads across different platforms, we excel in managing compliant campaigns for various purposes.


We Know Your Target

As experts in the Medical Device sector, we understand your target behaviour and online presence. This allows us to create campaigns that actually resonate with your audience.


Always in the Loop

We stay on top of all algorithmic updates across different platforms, changes and policies, ensuring the most optimised ad strategy for you.


Synergistic Strategies

We excel in creating strategies that harmoniously blend organic and paid activities, enhancing outcomes and making every penny work hard for your company.

Our PPC specialists can help you with

Whether you want to sell your medical device or service, increase brand awareness, attract patients or collaborate with healthcare providers, we are here to help you define and craft your campaigns, removing from your shoulders the risk of wasted spending and violation penalties.
Strategic selection of keywords to optimise ad performance.
Leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful advertising tools, including:  
  • Spotlight ads
  • Dynamic Ads featuring images, videos, events, and documents
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform
  • Message Ads & InMail
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Beyond conventional Google Ads, our expertise includes addressing intricacies such as forbidden keywords and crafting ad copy that complies with policies specific to the Medical Device sector.

    Leveraging the Meta Business Suite to extend your reach across Facebook and Instagram, ensuring a holistic presence in the digital environment.

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